About Me

As a master software engineer, I aim to use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop high-end software solutions that solve complex problems and drive business growth. Another major objective on my list is to coach and mentor others interested in establishing or advancing their careers in the tech world.

My Portfolio

I have had the honor to execute and manage various software development projects throughout my career, ranging from simple web applications to complex software systems. Please browse my portfolio to see if my technical skills and experience can help you in any way. Thank you for visiting!

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

Project 4

My Skills

.NET Framework

High expertise and experience in using the .NET framework architecture and its class libraries to build robust and scalable applications. Adequate knowledge of ASP.NET MVC for building web applications, Entity Framework for working with databases, and LINQ for querying data.

Microsoft SQL Server

Proficient in designing, maintaining, and manipulating software that requires SQL-based data management capabilities, such as data analysis, reporting, and business intelligence. Skilled in optimizing SQL queries to improve performance and reduce response times.


Strong understanding of JavaScript programming, including DOM manipulation, event handling, and AJAX techniques. Experienced in developing complex front-end and back-end applications using JavaScript. Skilled in integrating JavaScript with other technologies like HTML, CSS, and databases. Capable of debugging in a multi-tier environment.

Cascading Style Sheets

The ability to use CSS in conjunction with HTML and JavaScript to build complex and dynamic web layouts and user interfaces. Strong grasp of CSS3 and its latest features, responsive design techniques, layout frameworks like Bootstrap or Materialize, and cross-browser compatibility.


Expertise in creating visually appealing and interactive websites using HTML codes. Knowledge of HTML syntax and the ability to write well-structured, valid, and semantic markup.